Sunday, June 28, 2009


We all went to Beall Woods today for my great-nephew's 1st Birthday party! Before the party started, I decided to take advantage of the scenery and snap some pictures. I thought they all turned out really good! After the party was over, we enjoyed some time on the playground before going home. These are some of the best pics of the day!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Maci had so much fun at Vacation Bible School this year! She did cheerleading and had a blast! The "Mission Moment" was His Hands Taiwan. All together we raised $381! They are going to use the money towards building on to the home. All of the kids were so excited to raise money for this cause. An awesome night of the week was when we actually got to Skype on the computer to Cheryl Dunn in Taiwan so she could tell all the kids where the money was going to go. They all thought it was so neat to be able to talk to someone "LIVE" in Taiwan. Cheryl even mentioned us, and told all the kids to be praying for a referral for a baby very soon! Maci doing a little gymnastics
Peyton and Kylie getting ready for Praise and Worship time
Skyping Cheryl in Taiwan
I couldn't resist putting this picture of Gabi praying
Maci on top of the pyramid
Eden, Heidy and Maci sitting on Peyton
The banner that the kids got to run through...oops--they mispelled Taiwan

Saturday, June 6, 2009


We took a trip to Brown County this weekend with Donnie's mom and dad. Barb, Peyton and Maci left Friday afternoon, then Bob, Donnie, Dillon, Whitney and me headed for Nashville, IL after we got off of work. We stayed in a cabin at Abe Martin Park. It was a lot of fun! But we decided that we needed to do it again only stay longer. Little Nashville was a blast! Just walking around in all of the shops all day is my kind of vacation!Donnie and Bob making breakfast
Whitney and Maci
My gorgeous children
The indoor waterpark at the Abe Martin Lodge
Everyone enjoying a dip in the hot tub
Bubby and Maci
Four of the greatest kids in the world!!!