Saturday, August 30, 2008


The season has started for Dillon as a Mt. Carmel High School Aces football player. It's hard to believe he is a freshman already! We had a morning game today and the weather was great! Dillon played really well and the team ended up winning! Donnie took all the pictures this time--he didn't do half bad! Dillon is #81.

Friday, August 29, 2008


I love taking black and white pictures. These are some of my favorites.

This is my all time favorite. Doesn't she just look absolutely precious?

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Peyton had a friend stay this weekend and they came up with the idea to put the sprinkler on the trampoline and then pour shampoo all over it. The girls were slipping and sliding everywhere!!! I think they used almost 2 bottles of shampoo, but they had so much fun! Just listen to Maci giggling on the video. And what was great for me when they were finally done playing--Maci had already had her shower and her hair was washed!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008


Maci doesn't have a favorite stuffed animal, but she does have her blankie, that we have respectfully named "Connie."

When we traveled to China to get Maci, we took along several blankies and a taggie for her to sleep with. But, she didn't want to have anything to do with them. We were even told by the orphanage that she had a favorite handkerchief--so we thought maybe she might like one of Donnie's handkerchiefs. But that didn't work either. What were we going to give her as her security blanket?

When we were on the flight home, the flight attendant gave us a blanket to cover up with. Well guess what? Maci took that blanket and put it straight up to her face and almost immediately went to sleep. Me and Donnie just looked at each other and laughed! Maci's new security blankie was a Continental Airlines blanket!!! That's why we call the blankie Connie!

After being home about 4 months, Maci's blanket was beginning to get a little worn. I never thought about taking 2 or 3 blankets--I just took the one. So I emailed Continental and explained to them what had happened and asked them if I could purchase some blankets off of them. Continental actually called me and told me how cute they thought the story was and that they wanted to feature an article in their "Continental Magazine" about Maci and her security blanket. They also sent Maci a care package with several blankets, a t-shirt, a toy airplane, a backpack and several cards and letters from Continental employees who had also adopted. Click here to read the article in Continental Magazine.

Here are just a few pictures of Maci with her beloved Connie!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Now that school has started, I have decided to concentrate on potty training Maci. I tried a couple of weeks ago but it just wasn't working out too well. So...I totally and completely stole an idea from my friend Gina Bradshaw. Gina and her husband Eddie traveled to China to get their daughter Eden when we got Maci. Thanks Gina for such a brilliant idea!!!

I bought this "Vending Machine Bank" at Walmart for $10. Whenever Maci goes pee-pee in the potty we give her a coin or a dollar bill to put in the bank (2 if she goes poo-poo). Of course we have to give high-fives, clap and sing the "Maci went Pee-Pee" song first. She then gets to choose from the vending machine what her prize will be. Some examples we have put in the machine are miniature candy bars, tootsie rolls, stickers, Hello Kitty bandaids, rings, bracelets, smarties and these really cool little discs that you stick in water and they turn into a small towel. See pic below. The bandaids and towels seems to be her favorite right now.

Anyway, this whole process is really working great with very few accidents. She does much better in the daytime when the kids are gone--after they get home from school Maci is a little distracted. But I am so excited how well it is going. Check out the video at the bottom.
Maci with her vending machine bank

Eden with her bank
The disc before you add water....'s a towel!

Monday, August 18, 2008


This is one of the new items we are going to sell on "The Thread to Mylee" blog, a fundraiser to help us raise money for our adoption. It's a dress actually made out of a pillowcase. This is the very first one we have made and I think it's just adorable! Maci wore it to church today and we got lots of compliments on how cute it was and how they could get one for their little girl. I've not got it posted on Mylee's blog yet...but keep checking back!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Peyton started school on Tuesday, August 12th. She is in the 7th grade this year and I think she was pretty excited when she woke up this morning. I got really tickled when I told Peyton I wanted to take her picture before the bus picked her up. Maci went in and got her Dora backpack and put it on so I could take a picture of her too.
Dillon didn't start school until Friday. I had really mixed feelings on this day. Dillon is now a Freshman in High School, so I was excited for him but sad to see him growing up.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Today Donnie took a half days vacation and we headed to Holiday World. Maci has never been there, so we were pretty excited! We decided to hit "Splashin' Safari" first, then do the rides last. Maci loved the water park! I think she had the most fun in the wave pool.

After about 4 hours swimming, we wanted to let Maci ride some rides. Well--we should've just stayed where we were. She wouldn't get on anything. So, me being the brilliant mother that I am, told Donnie we should ride the big carousel, then we could ride it with her. On this day, I found out I am not as smart as I thought I was. Maci threw the biggest fit ever! She screamed and screamed and flung her head back and forth. But I was bound and determined she was going to like riding this ride. Guess what? She didn't. We did get her to ride on the old cars with us which was a miracle.

So then we went to the Holidog park and she loved it! She played in the waterspouts and actually got on the big trucks with Dillon and Peyton. We all had a great time!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


We had a family picnic at the park today after church. The weather was absolutely beautiful! Maci got on the swings while we were there and she did not want to get off--not even to eat! We all had a great time!

My nephew, Jeremy, and his girlfriend, Kristi, brought there new baby to the picnic. He is 6 weeks old and cute as a button. Just check out his hair--he has tons of it. I let Maci hold him (with my help) and she loved it! She didn't want to give him up at all!
My great-nephew Tristan
Isn't this just a precious picture?

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Okay...I have this story that is so funny that I just had to share it with my blogger pals.

A couple of years ago, I gave my mom a clematis bush for mothers day. It was a vine with gorgeous purple flowers on it that will come up every year. Now, jump ahead a couple years to Saturday, August 9 2008. My mom calls me and asks, "What was that pretty purple plant you got me a couple of years ago for mothers day?" To which I replied, "A clematis plant." Then my mom says, "Oh, I've been telling everyone at work that it was chlamydia you gave me." "WHAT!!!!! YOU TOLD EVERYONE I GAVE YOU CHLAMYDIA?" I said. Then mom says in her I am so oblivious I do not have a clue voice, "Megan (my neice) says that chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease--is that true?" "YES MOTHER--THAT IS TRUE!!! WHAT DID EVERYONE SAY WHEN YOU TOLD THEM?" I said. "Well, they didn't laugh or anything, they just sit there." she replied.
Now, I want to know if anyone out there can top that story!!! You can try--but I bet you can't!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Maci is definitely having a ball.....or two.....or three.....or four.....