Saturday, March 29, 2008


Today was the annual Easter Egg Hunt for Toyota. They had it at the Park in Princeton. It was awfully cold out, but we all had fun. They had several inflatables for the kids to play on. We ate a lunch of hot dogs, chips and cookies and then we were off to hunt eggs.

Maci got a glimpse of the clown that starts the hunt and she totally freaked out! She grabbed a hold of Dillons neck and I didn't think she was going to let go. She did really well!

Look at all of them mom!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Over Easter weekend, my mom and step-dad, my neice, Megan, and all of the Farmer crew, including Whitney, went to Anderson, IN. We went to stay with my step-brother, Brian and his wife Sandy. We always have a great time when we go visit them.

They recently built a new garage, so Donnie installed all of the garage doors for them while we were there. It was just an awesome time for all of us! I think I gained about 5 lbs. while we were there--all we do is eat!
Saturday, we went to Brian and Sandy's church for an Easter egg hunt. Brian was the Easter Bunny. As you can see in the picture, Maci wanted no part of that. It was too cold, so we had the hunt inside, which was great! I think Maci had a good time.

The kids pretty much either played "Guitar Hero" or pool all weekend long. Even Maci got in on some guitar action. The video of her playing is so cute.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Today we had to take Maci to Indy to see the Orthopedic Specialist at St. Vincents. She had x-rays done on her hip. Dr. Didelot watched her walk and said he didn't notice a limp at all. He asked us if she was an active child--climbing, jumping, running, etc. I assured him that she was very active!!!

He has always told us she is very flexible, but I was a bit surprised this time when he was examining her. He completely twisted her leg to where her foot was backwards, and he was able to slightly bend her knee in the opposite direction. It kind of freaked me out a little bit! But he said not to worry at all! He assured us that this would make her a great swimmer and/or gymnast. Looks like we might have ourselves a little Chinese Acrobat!

We asked him about her sleeping position. He said that she was more than likely a breech baby, and this was how she was in utero. It is just a comfortable way for her to sleep, and not to worry. It sure doesn't look comfortable to me.
Maci's x-ray still showed some signs of hip dysplasia, but Dr. Didelot said he still doesn't think she will ever require surgery. He doesn't want to see her for another year, unless we have any concerns that come up. We were very excited to hear such a positive report.

After the appointment, we ate and then did some shopping. And of course we had to stop at Starbucks for some coffee! We didn't get home until 10:00 PM.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Maci absolutely loves playing with play-dough. She got some new mats to play with last night, so she had to try them out today with her Bubby. They had so much fun together.
Opening my play-dough


We went to Walmart last night and I found this vanity on clearance for $3.00. Maci has had so much fun with it. She let me put the curlers in her hair and has been painting her baby's fingernails, putting lipstick on and spraying perfume. This has got to be the best 3 bucks I have ever spent. Beth--I think this is the exact same vanity you bought Katie!

Maci and her baby "Chin"

Maci having fun with her vanity

Spraying perfume on

Maci painting her fingernails.