Sunday, January 6, 2008


Here is a video of everyone singing Happy Birthday to Maci. She didn't quite get the candles blown out--even with Sissy's as you will see, I helped out a little!!!


We had Maci's birthday party at our church. It was a "Hello Kitty" theme! I thought it was very cute! I bought her a "Hello Kitty" crown to wear. She definitely was our little princess. We had a blow up castle for the kids to play in and they just had a blast. I invited all of our friends and all of Maci's friends from China, including Little Miss Heidy from Guatemala.

Maci with her "Hello Kitty" Birthday cake.
I think I want to eat her whiskers!
Maci, Heidy and big brother in the jumping castle.
Opening her presents! Still saying "WOW"
Our own version of the red couch photo.
We call this the red carpet photo!!!
Gabi came home in October.

Ava came home in November.

Lindy just got home last week!