Wednesday, April 28, 2010


"I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him." 1 Samuel 1:27

I cannot even begin to explain how amazing today was! We are so happy to finally have our Mylee in our arms! Our flight got into Taipei a little early so John and Cheryl had to scramble to get to the HSR when we got off the train. John's friends Craig Thompson and Peter Bennett met us at the airport and rode with us on a shuttle bus to the HSR. We had 12 suitcases all together so it quite an achievement to get them all on the train in around 5 minutes time. I don't know what we would have done without Craig and Peter there! Then we had about an 1 1/2 hour train ride. I didn't really get too nervous until about the last 15 minutes of the ride....then my heart started beating really fast and I was getting emotional. John was supposed to meet us at the platform when our train arrived....but they were running late because they didn't expect us until around 10:00 am and it was 9:00 am. The workers at the train station were so nice, they helped us unload our 12 pieces of luggage and started heading toward the elevator with it when we saw John running down the station.

Cheryl called and told us to call her when we were getting on the elevator.....and I said "Cheryl, we're getting on the elevator right now." She said "Okay, gotta go!" and hung up. When we were coming up on the elevator the kids were hollering at me saying "There she is Mom! There she is!" But I was looking the wrong way....until there she was! All smiles! Andrew and Moriah were holding up a banner with Mylees picture on it. I went straight to Mylee and wrapped my arms around her and just breathed this moment in....and it was AMAZING!
Our Welcome banner!
Mommy and Mylee's first moment together
Daddy and Mylee
The whole gang at the train station
I think she likes her big sister Peyton....
.....and Dillon too!
Dillon with his 2 little sisters
Daddy giving Mylee his first bottle

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Our good friends, Trevor and Jackie Borowiak held a Chinese New Year Party at their house. We all brought our own chinese dish and spent an evening of eating and visiting. All the kids wore special clothes from their country. We had quite an array of countries represented at this party....China (of course), Africa, Guatemala and America. This was such a great time for all of us adoptive families to get together. Check out the picture of all the kids together! Gorgeous! Our gorgeous cake made by Sherry Rafferty
Lindy & Molly Rafferty
The China girls
All from Guatemala
From Ethiopia
The whole gang...American, Chinese, Guatemalan & Ethiopian Sweet little Ava Bogard
Maci and Eden Wankel

Libby Borowiak & Maci

Maci & Jamison Borowiak

The kids all crawled up on Peyton's lap to watch Spongebob

Maci & Diego Borowiak

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Our baby girl turned "4" on January 3rd. When I asked her what kind of party she wanted...she said a Princess Party. So that is exactly what she got! We had her party at the church and she invited all her friends. In the invitation we asked for each princess to wear her most royal attire to the party. Maci got to wear a dress that her big sissy Peyton wore when she was 4!
Upon arriving, each "Little Princess" was taken to the table where our Big Princesses Peyton and Ashley did their make-up and hair. Then they had 3 different activities to do. At one table they could make a candy bracelet. Another table had different princess coloring sheets for them to color. And the other had gift bags they could decorate with princess stickers, jewels and glittery foam cutouts. We also had a castle bounce house for the girls to jump in.
Debbie decorated a chair as Princess Maci's throne and Lezlie made the most beautiful princess cake ever! We also enjoyed some Fruity Pebble Treats made by Maci the night before. After opening the gifts, each princess got a goody bag full of everything princess...a magic wand, jewelry, princess stickers, a ring pop and candy kisses.
The party was so much fun and all the little girls looked absolutely adorable!
Beautiful Princess Maci
Princess Maci upon her throne
Just look at that sweet "Princess" smile
Princess Maci and Princess Eden at the make-up table
Great-Grandma Farmer and Great-Grandma Seals
Princess Molly getting her eye shadow on my Princess Ashley
Princess Peyton applying lip gloss to Princess Josie
Princess Maci between our 2 Big Princess helpers
Who says a Princess can't jump in her gown?
Princess Maci with her beautiful cake....Lezlie even made an edible crown with jewels!
Our coloring sheet table
Princess Gabi
Princess Madisyn
Princess Maci and Princess Whitney
Maci working very hard on her candy bracelet
Candy bracelet table
Princess Gabi making her bracelet
Princess Peyton with Princess Ava
Sweet little Princess Berkeley
Princess Maci opening her gifts

Friday, December 25, 2009


Our family would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas full of many blessings!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


We have made it a tradition to eat at Nagasaki every year on Maci's "Gotcha Day". Our family and the grandparents all go to celebrate the day that Maci was placed in our arms for the first time...which just so happens to be Christmas Eve! The night before, me and Maci made "Gotcha Day" cookies with our new cookie cutter in the shape of China. We all had so much fun and the food was absolutely awesome!!! We even ran into our good friends David and Jason while we were there!
Maci showing off her "Gotcha Day" cookie
The family sitting around the grill
David and JasonMaci ate her entire meal with chopsticks
Maci with her "Gotcha Day" gift Our beautiful little China girl.....It's hard to believe she has been with us for three years now. I can't even imagine our life without her. I love you Maci Marie JiaoLe Farmer!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

HALLOWEEN 2009.....

Maci insisted on being a flower for Halloween this year. I searched on-line and at every store I could find for a flower costume, but had no luck. So I decided to make it myself. I cut out pink foam pieces for the flower petals and glued them to ring I had cut out of posterboard to perfectly fit Maci's face. Then I hot glued ribbon for the center of the flower. The leaves are just a necklace I made out of ribbon and foam. Then I put a green turtle neck and green sweatpants on her and she wore her brown boots. I thought it turned out great and it was very cheap to make!!!Our pretty pink flower
Too cute! Whitney is dressed as "White trash" and Peyton is all dressed up for the 80's.